• UDJ
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)

    Journal Title: Ukrainian Dental Journal

    Title abbreviation: UDJ

    DOI: 10.56569/UDJ.1.1.2022

    UDC: 616.314(477)(05)

    A welcome message from the Editors

    Dear Readers,

    Inevitably the time has come when the big work has ended and there is no way to change the final result. Nevertheless, the bad habit of pursuing endless perfectionism and improving doesn't let go. However, there must be a stop somewhere, and this way you are already holding a first issue of Ukrainian Dental Journal is your hands! We have created this publication with the intention of providing a space for the generation of knowledge, dialogue, critique, debate, and collaboration among an international community of dental practitioners and scholars as well as representatives related specialties.

    The immediacy of e-based submissions makes it possible for us all to be fully connected to maintaining researches, discoveries and practical developments in our field and to be directly involved in ongoing knowledge construction.

    Our journal is independent of corporate demands and the overlay of profit-making and profit-taking and we can therefore invite you to be full participants in the scientific process that we are undertaking together.

    Our vision is to create high-quality publications that will be relevant, challenging, thought-provoking, and inclusive of a diverse range of voices and perspectives including graduate students, academic researchers and scholars, practitioners and policy-makers in medical and education.

    We welcome original research, narrative and systematic reviews, expert opinion pieces, case-based reviews, short communications, editorials, letters, book reviews, meeting reports, and information about memorable historic events and anniversaries.

    We will strive to support access to diversity knowledge in the ever narrowing corporatized world of academic publication. We are delighted that you are joining us as readers and hope you will also join us as contributors.

    Chairperson, Olexiy Pavlenko
    Editor-in-Chief, Larysa Dakhno